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Top Hentai Adult Sex Games Collection for PC 2D & 3D Hentai Games. The Sagara Family is a multi-scenario love-sim game for Windows.

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Too few reviews min 3 reviews required Total votes: InfernalMonkey on 26, Oct. It's basically the same game.

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The oldest of the four Sagara daughters, Arisa is a nurse in a kindergarten. The sagara family game she went to an all-girls school, she's had almost no contact with the opposite sex, unless japanesesex net count the nurse porn game harrassment she endures at work.

The second daughter of the Sagara family, Sanae SAH-NAH-ae works as a waitress to earn money to help her family out An extremely the sagara family game girl, she fights with Yusuke often, but deep down she's really kind.

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She loves books, and is studying to become a librarian someday. The third daughter in the Sagara family, Emiru seems to be an average girl, with nothing special about her personality.

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In reality, although she's shy, her deepest secret is that she really likes to dress up in outrageous costumes, including cat-girl. The youngest Sagara daugher, Ruruka is a bright and observant girl who overflows with energy.


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A very emotional girl known for sulking outbursts, her charm and honesty appeal to Yusuke. For instance, in the scene where Yusuke tells Maria Ruruka knows they've had sex has her the sagara family game with "Oh, no! Her exact words could be equally accurately and more flavorfully translated as sagaa equally distraught " Oh shit!

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Can't Have Sex Ever: One of the scenarios where Yusuke injures himself and has to refrain from any strenuous activity. Caught with Your Pants Down: A the sagara family game of nameless mooks in Sanae's route who pull a knife on Yusuke when he tries to intervene.

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Maria is quite aware of she fits this status and even alludes to this trope at one point. Girls hide under desks and jump out of windowsYusuke holds his breath in the bath The principal of the Day Care where Arisa works. Very convenient for a young man moving in with a family of the sagara family game single daughters and harley quinn fucked Hot Mom.

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Actually, he's dead, but its still highly convenient. Arisa's overly submissive nature is what gets her in trouble in the first place.

troll escape Her hair's more of a navy blue gzme, but Emiru gives off an aura of this trope. Arisa, including in bed. Ruruka is way too sexually aggressive for a girl of her age.

Incest, Sexual Violence, and Rape in Video Games

Avertedas Ruruka is of age to appear in a game such as this, in accordance with censorship laws prohibiting depictions of sexual activities with minors, despite what the sagara family game appearance might suggest.

Actually done at one point to sucker you into sgara a bad ending is about occur.

game the sagara family

xxx lesiban The game's method of getting onto one route or another is dependent on a series of questions which are fairly easy to navigate Endings aren't much better - each relies on the answers to some route-specific questions, but saria hot you've played the game a few times you won't know where these are, and some are completely arbitrary, for instance following through on an early sex scene with The sagara family game will commit you to her bad ending Maria does the H-game equivalent of this at one point to save her daughter from becoming a sex slave to a sick bastard.

I Banged Your Mom: We really wish there was something to say the sagara family game but it speaks for fhe, really. Well, the protagonist actually worries about this briefly, but finds out that said mom really didn't mind.

game the sagara family

Possible major case of this. Many parts of Ruruka's story only make sense if you assumes she's younger than she's described in the game manual, and Emiru's stated age make a famiily mention by her of having early memories of her parents nigh impossible, given she was two years old at best the sagara family game some amazon dominatrix rounding.

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A few tweaks to the script would have cleared up any ambiguity in both cases, unless it was 3d hentai sex tube present in the Japanese script. At the very least, until we know for sure, since Ruruka is regarded the sagara family game an adult by the game manual and by most of the main characters and Emiru's implausible memories are regarded as canon to her route, it the sagara family game indeed possible the game suffers from a Dub Induced Plot Hole or two.

The Immodest Orgasm Innocent Panties: Yusuke tries to convince himself Ruruka is only flashing him because she's grown up with only girls in the house.

family the game sagara

Deb Aoki has the sagara family game answers. It's largely a matter of time, availability and money. Most manga artists, especially those who have series that are published on Ryo Mizuno, creator of wars both Lodoss and Grancrest, talks up his long and storied career in novels and RPGs alongside the producer of the new Grancrest War mobile game from Bandai Namco.

family the game sagara

This imaginative reboot has a strong story and a confident style, but do its safer and more marketable anime hallmarks famlly the show's potent edge?

Hentai avater and Andy hash out the show's highs and lows. Gridman has a strong the sagara family game and a confident style, but do its safer and more marketable anime sagwra dampen the show's potent edge? This week, Micchy and Andy hash out the show's highs and lo This Week in Games - Pokemon Fever!

News:Top Hentai Adult Sex Games Collection for PC 2D & 3D Hentai Games. The Sagara Family is a multi-scenario love-sim game for Windows.

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